My name is Annalisa Cunningham. I invite you to take a journey with me where you will enjoy new sights as well as learn new skills for improved health and relaxation. I offer yoga vacations in Mexico, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Peru, Sedona, Arizona and Northern California. Beginners are welcome. These vacations are fun and rejuvenating. They combine yoga with adventure and relaxation.

My love for travel, yoga and healing have inspired my books: Yoga Vacations - A Guide to International Yoga Retreats; and Spa Vacations - Your Guide to Healing Centers & Retreats. I am also the author of Gentle Yoga for Healing - Mind Body Spirit; and Healing Addiction with Yoga - A Yoga Program for People In 12 Step Recovery.

Style of Yoga
Yoga vacations feature gentle yoga for mind/body healing. With an attitude of acceptance and calmness, Annalisa's classes combine yoga postures, focused breath awareness, healing visualization, massage, deep relaxation and meditation. All levels of fitness and flexibility are welcome including people with physical limitations or health challenges. The compassion of yoga is adaptive to all.

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Annalisa Cunningham
c/o Opening Heart Journeys
35501 South Hwy 1 #25
Gualala, CA 95445

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Yoga Vacations
Yoga Vacations are held in beautiful, peaceful environments. Each day there are yoga classes designed to help relax and rejuvenate your energy. The people you meet are friendly and positive with an interest in health, personal growth and spirituality. You will leave the vacation completely revitalized with new yoga skills you can practice at home to continue your healing and well being.


Puerto Morelos, Yucatan, Mexico
Puerto Morelos,
Yucatan, Mexico

Big Island Hawaii, Kealakekua Bay
Big Island Hawaii,
Kealakekua Bay

Ocean Yoga Guest House: Personal Retreat, Anchor Bay, CA
Ocean Yoga Guest House:
Personal Retreat,
Anchor Bay, CA
Sea Ranch, California
Sea Ranch
Gualala, CA
  Sedona, Arizona
Sedona, Arizona
  Sea Ranch, California
Yoga and Ayurveda retreat
Monte Rio, California
Russian River
Kayak & Yoga
Monte Rio, Ca

  Sebastopol, California
Wine Country
Yoga Weekend
Sebastopol, Ca
  Sebastopol, California
Vine Hill Healing Guest House:
Personal Retreat,
Sebastopol, CA


Yoga Courses

Book: Yoga Vacations

Yoga for Addiction Recovery Course


Books by Annalisa Cunningham
Healing Addiction with Yoga
with Yoga

Gentle Yoga for Healing
Gentle Yoga
for Healing

Spa Vacations
Spa Vacations

Yoga Vacations
Yoga Vacations


Guided Meditations by Annalisa Cunningham

Book: Yoga Vacations

Chakra Meditation CD

Stretch & Surrender CD

Healing Visualization CD

Relaxation for Sleep & Dream Meditation CD

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