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Book: Healing Addiction with YogaHealing Addiction with Yoga
A Yoga Program for People in 12-Step Recovery Programs
(3rd edition)
ISBN: 978-1-84409-170-6
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Here is a comprehensive wellness program that includes a 28-day yoga program using dynamic affirmations, relaxation techniques, hints on nutrition and lifestyle, aerobic activities, and journal writing. Features 58 color photographs. This unique yoga manual combines hatha yoga with the 12-step recovery process, synthesizing the best healing aspects from both systems.



Book: Gentle Yoga for HealingGentle Yoga for Healing
Mind Body Spirit (October 2003)
ISBN: 0806945842
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Simple, accessible, and life affirming: these are the gentlest of Hatha yoga exercises, easy-to-do poses and postures that heal the body and nurture the spirit. Every move shown in these appealing photographs becomes a tool for self-empowerment, reducing stress, and increasing receptivity to wellness. The various components of a comprehensive program are offered, with all the elements working together to create a total healing practice. Start with positive affirmations, visualizations, and journal writing that will become part of your daily yoga lifestyle. Take instruction in proper breathing, which will bring energy and calm to the mind. Try the 35 basic postures, all with specific guidelines and photos, and follow with deep relaxation and meditation. To make the yoga more effective, there's additional advice on eating well; special counsel for those recovering from injury and illness; techniques for self-massage; and ideas for combining yoga and nature.



Book: Gentle Yoga for HealingSpa Vacations
Your Guide to Healing Centers and Retreats
Paperback (September 2001)
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ISBN: 1566913160
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Everyone dreams of taking a vacation that will completely rejuvenate them - one that will return them to work and family more relaxed, healthy, sane and confident. SPA VACATIONS highlights over 100 spas and healing retreats that can help relieve stress, rejuvenate your energy, and pamper your body, mind and spirit. Author Annalisa Cunningham has extensively researched retreats, resorts, and spas across the U.S., Mexico and Canada, in order to provide you with the most comprehensive spa vacation guide around. She describes each place by atmosphere, accommodations, meals, rates, services, facilities, recreational activities, nearby attractions, and provides complete directions on getting there. Icons are included to let readers know which places offer yoga, meditation, beauty & relaxation treatments, nutritional/cleansing programs, and hot springs. Full page color and black & white photos enhance this book, along with illustrations. SPA VACATIONS -a Guide to Healing Centers and Retreats is the perfect source for finding health-promoting, uplifting, and inspiring vacations.


Book: Yoga Vacations  

Yoga Vacations
A Guide to International Yoga Retreats
Paperback(November 1999)

ISBN: 1562614746
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More and more people are seeking vacations that are relaxing rather than chaotic, that help them renew their sense of health rather than keep them running frantically from sight to sight. Yoga Vacations highlights over 100 different vacation centers and retreats for both the beginner and advanced yoga practitioner. It includes detailed, thoughtfully written entries providing information on teachers' styles and philosophies, recommended levels of experience, and activities and services, as well as the basics on accommodations, meals, and fees. The author, a 25-year yoga instructor, makes a distinction between yoga vacations and retreats to help readers customize their perfect getaway. Some destinations are strictly retreats - places for quiet, in-depth yoga study - while the vacation settings listed allow free time for nearby shopping and sightseeing.

“If you are wondering which yoga retreat to attend check out the book. This book lists more than 100 different yoga vacations all over the world and gives information on accommodations, philosophy of teacher, style of yoga, criteria for students, meals, description of yoga room, sample daily schedule, cost of retreat and more. Color & black & white photos are included. Enjoy!” —Annalisa

October 29, 1999
Selma Waterhouse from Topeka Kansas
“*****/ five stars FILLED WITH FACTS AND INSPIRATION FOR MY NEXT VACATION! As a beginning yoga student I've been searching for a way to improve my skills and have a great vacation too and this book pointed me in so many great directions—I don't know where to go first! I really love the guest comment section because you get such a great feel for what's unique or special about the retreat. A great book for yoga students of every ability. See you in Peru!”

Book: Strech and Surrender  

Stretch and Surrender
A Guide to Yoga, Health, and Relaxation for People in Recovery
Paperback (August 1992)

ISBN: 0915801310
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This unique yoga manual combines hatha yoga with the 12-step recovery process. Its author, a hatha yoga teacher and "adult child of an alcoholic", found that the spiritual aspects of yoga gave her no tools for confronting her codependency issues, while 12-step meetings failed to address the physical aspects of her recovery. In Stretch and Surrender, she "synthesizes the best healing aspects of both systems." She provides instructions and photographs for an assortment of basic yoga poses, combining each one with an affirmation to be contemplated while holding the pose.