Yoga for Addiction Recovery Certification Course

Book: Gentle Yoga for Healing

60-Hour Training

Part 1: 4 days/3 nights
Part 2: 8 week internship
Part 3: 3 days/2 nights
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Course Book

Book: Gentle Yoga for HealingHealing Addiction with Yoga
A Yoga Program for People in 12-Step Recovery Programs
(November 2003)
ISBN: 1844090205
Price: $15.95
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Course Description

This course is offered to individuals who want to teach gentle yoga classes specifically designed for people in 12 step recovery. The training you will give you the knowledge and experience needed to offer therapeutic yoga classes to recovering alcoholics, addicts, codependents, and adult children from dysfunctional families. Emphasis is placed on education, compassion and healing. This approach to yoga may also be beneficial to people recovering from overeating, compulsive shopping, negative thinking, low self esteem, and depression.

Who takes this course?

Yoga teachers who want to work with the recovery population, Counselors who want to offer the benefits of yoga to their clients, Social workers, Nurses, Probation officers, and people in recovery who want to implement yoga as a part of their healthy lifestyle. Anyone who wants to take this course is asked to fill out an application.

Course Objectives

Participants will:

  1. Learn to identify the difference between use, abuse, and addiction
  2. Understand the symptoms and health complications that addiction causes physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  3. Identify the mutual benefits found in 12 Step Recovery Programs and the ancient healing philosophy of Hatha yoga.
  4. Learn a comprehensive yoga program which is designed to support and enhance a recovering lifestyle.
  5. Develop and memorize a gentle yoga routine which can be easily implemented into a recovery program. Learn how to teach this routine effectively with compassion.

Course content

The course will be both informational and experiential. First part of training gives education about addiction and recovery. The 12 step approach to recovery is integrated into the course content and you will learn how gentle yoga for healing fits in with the 12 steps. You will also gain an understanding of the physical toll addiction places on the body & mind, as well as the emotional and spiritual symptoms that addiction causes. The effect on family members and friends will be discussed.

Yoga will be emphasized as a health care system for people in recovery. This course will introduce participants to a gentle approach to hatha yoga and how it can assist one's healing from addiction. "Yoga" means "union" of the body, mind and soul and has long been regarded as an effective way of relieving physical ailments, emotional stress, and spiritual apathy. The yoga program offered is comprehensive and includes a variety of practices which are designed to enhance a recovering lifestyle. Each day the group will experience a "Typical Yoga Class For Recovery." The gentle postures, breathing practices, visualization techniques, meditations, and stress reduction skills can be used in treatment programs as an adjunct to healing, as well as offered in ones local community as a specialized yoga class for people in recovery.

Students will be required to design and teach a weekly yoga class for six weeks if they would like to receive a certificate of completion. Cautions and health concerns when working with people in addiction recovery will be stressed as participants take what they learn to their communities.

Course Details & Fees

Please contact for specific dates

Part 1

Includes: 3 nights accommodations (shared rooms) at ocean view vacation home in Northern California. Course orientation begins Thursday evening. Class instruction will follow all day Friday and Saturday. Conclusion on Sunday morning with departure at noon. Daily breakfast is included in course fee. Other meals are at your own choice and expense. There are several nearby restaurants and stores in the area. The house kitchen is available for guest use.

Course Fee: $1080. per person.
(Group limited to 8 people for quality instruction)

Part 2

8 week internship at home, documented. Annalisa will be available by email & phone if you have any questions or challenges while completing your internship. Forms for documentation will be provided.

Part 3

Final review, demonstration of teaching skills practiced through internship, feedback, evaluation, troubleshooting, and encouragement.

Includes: 2 nights accommodations (shared rooms) with daily breakfast at ocean view vacation home in Northern California.

Course Fee: $720. per person.

You may sign up for the first weekend only, but will not receive a certification without completing the documented six week home internship and final review.

Please note: this course offers you a certification of completion for a 60 hour training. A 200 hour yoga teacher training program is recommended to become a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. Annalisa will have a list of schools and training's she recommends if you want to become a certified yoga instructor.

Please contact for specific dates

Registration: Please call 530-343-9944 or email


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